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Heskett, West Family

November 2016
* Professional Family Photographer*

Awhile ago I hosted a contest, it was simple. Use FB to like, share then comment my page. first person to be the 900th like got a free session with me.
Sara West was my winner so she chose a sunset family session.

Here are some images from that session held in Waterford, On.

Lyndon, On. Family

September 2015
*Lynden Family Photographer

Today I traveled to Lynden On. for a family session for a friends sister.
We took the photos right on the property...

Stewart Family Photoshoot

August 2016
*Waterford Family Photographer*

I recently photographed the Stewart family at Shadow Lake Trail in Waterford.
Here are my favorites from the session.

Atkins Maternity Photo Shoot

June 2016
*Long Point Lifestyle Photographer*

Location;  Long Point, Ontario     Time; 7pm   
Subject; Maternity

This photo shoot was a very rushed one as my client was very pregnant with child number 3.
She is a close friend of mine whom I have been photographing for many many years, yet this was a first for us.
She brought along her family for photos as well and some support getting up and down.
These are my absolute favorite shots of the morning.

Ouwendyk Family Photo Session

June 2016
'Norfolk Family Photographer'
This is my second year photographing this amazing family.
I grew up with Candace my client who contacted me and along the line have kept in touch. I was so pleased last year when she asked if I could photograph them.
These photos were taken at the family home in Simcoe, On.

May 2016

Welcome The Dupe Family
** Cambridge Family Photographer **

This past weekend I got to meet the Dupe family. It was another large family and the location was at Riverside Park in Cambridge, On.
I was a bit skeptical about this session due to an article I saw about the park being under water but when we got there is had dried up. Thank goodness I didn't have to use plan b.
I started out by taking the whole families photos together, then seperate, then the kids, back to families and grandparents. Ive learned that organization is key to a successful photo shoot.

These are some of my favorites.

May 2016

Hofbaeur Family Session
**Brantford Family Photographer**

I love when I have a return customer. It's always fun photographing them the first time but it doesn't compare to the 2nd, 3rd, 4th time. I have quite a few return clients from over the years. This specific client was a boudoir session I had done which turned out amazing!
This time I got to meet her whole family, and such a large one but we stayed organized and the kids had a blast.

            These are the kids :)

         And here are the parents.

Schoeman Family Session

November 3rd, 2015

This was such a great family session!
I met with the three of them in MtPleasant at the trail that runs through it.
They were hoping for fall foliage but unfortunately the two days before we had gotten gusty winds and a tonne of rain. Not a good combination.
But we made the best of it and even though this little guy was super cranky due to a missed nap he was such a great little model!

VanBerlo Family Session

October 27th, 2015

I had the absolute pleasure of photographing my own family.
Sister, Brother in-laws and my niece and nephew.
We booked our session for the Rainbow Trout Pond in Waterford, On.
The wind was quite chilly but we managed to find a few spots where there wasn't any and had some fun. 
I brought along with me a set of fairy wings, angel wings, blanket and a baseball.
Quite satisfied with this session, looking forward to future work with them!

Judd Family

                            October 8th, 2015

Tonight I had so much fun photographing the judd family!
Melissa and I go way back to our high school days so it was great spending some time with her again.
Her kids were a lively bunch and so much fun to photograph.
They loved having their photos taken and continuesly posed and came up with new ideas for pictures making my job that night very simple.
Melissa and Jason asked for a bit of time alone so they could get some couples photos taken which I was more than happy to oblige.
Photos were taken at the Waterford Rail Trail.

Goulden Family Paint Fight

August 1, 2015

I recently had a session with this couple down in Long Point at sunset and they had mentioned that they were interested in family photos too. I took a couple days to create some ideas for family photos that they would love. I spoke to her about a couple different ideas but she didn't seem interested and asked for more creative so I said how about a paint fight? She jumped on that idea saying that was exactly what she had wanted.
Here are some before and after photos of the session.

Warren Family

June 9th, 2015

I was so happy to hear from Mrs. Warren again.
I photographed her two twin daughters last year at Apps Mill and had so much fun with these two beautiful little girls.
This session was going to be a family session which included 3 extra people. Her husband, daughter and son. So in total 2 adults and 4 children.
I planned for the location to be held at Waterford ponds, on the trail that is around there.
The session went well but we had a bit of a hic- up when one of the youngest girls fell and got a bloody nose.
She was a little trooper though, after she was all cleaned up she was ready to go.
I was very relaxed around this family not asking them to do very much, so just keeping it candid and snapping photos when I found the opportunity. I found this was the best way to go because they were a very busy bunch and the posed photos I tried were very difficult to obtain.
I really hope to continue  taking these children's photos as they grow up!

Henderson Family

June 5th, 2015

One night when I was visiting a friend of mine I met a woman with two boys who had an odd taste in family photo style.
She asked me if I would be interested in doing something different and of course I said heck yeah!! She showed me a photo and I asked if I could do that for her. I thought about it for a bit working out the details in my head then agreed that I would give it a shot.

We met a few days before our session to shop for it. We took a trip to Value Village and found some awesome props as well as the perfect outfits for herself and her two boys.
The one shot that I had wanted was the poison apple which is to the left.

Above are her two sons who played the part so well!
I have so many different shots of both of them and all of them together but am unable to show all of the photos taken for that session. I could and will do another session like this anytime, I had so much fun and creative photography is what i love most about my profession.


Session info:

makeup is $45.00/person
session price $125.00

I bring props, I arrange for the location.
you get an hour and a half long session, unlimited photography on cd and a online gallery that you can use to buy                                                                                    prints, share to FB, Pinterest, Twitter & email

Rhora Family Fun Session

May 24th, 2015

I have been taking photography for this family for 5 years now, starting back when the mom was pregnant with her second child.
I feel so blessed to have returning clients year after year, I love seeing the babies grow!
I suggested using the location in Waterford at the ponds for them because there is so much to do for kids there and such a variety of locations to use.
I only brought one prop with me, a over sized balloon I thought the children could have fun with, which they did!

We started up on the bridge then made our way down below. The children investigated everything and I had a blast capturing all of their moments.

Bartlett Family Session

May 2nd, 2015

Its been a couple of months since Ive done a family session. These sessions are really special to me because I only do them once in awhile. 
We met in Waterford, On. my hometown and walked the trail along the ponds and up on the rail bridge.
I started the session with trying to pose the family and quickly realized my mistake, two young boys pose? lol yep, not happening. So instead I informed the parents that I was going to take more natural candid photos and they turned out perfect!
These are my favorites from this session!

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