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May 2018
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January 2018

Who is missing these summer days?
Engagement session taken at Tyfanny's Falls on the Hamilton escarpment.
Looking forward to photographing a couple there in the late spring

January 2018

January 2018

Oh how I long for these nights again!
Engagement session that was done for Lindsay & Rick in Long Point, On.

January 2018

Packer Engagement Session
Apps Mill, Robinson Rd. Brantford, On.

December 2017

Packer Engagement Shoot
(Apps Mill, Brantford, On)

November 2017

The Roloson Engagement Session
Location; Waterford, On.

October 2017

The Steyaert Engagement Session
Location; Waterford, On.

September 2017

Atkins Engagement Session

September 2017

Farkas Engagement Session

August 2017

Riley Engagement Session

July 2017

Vanderheyden Engagement Session

June 2017

McGuire Engagement Session
*professional engagement photographer*

This session has to be one of my all time favorite photo shoots.
Rick and Lindsay told me they wanted something unique which is right up my alley. I provided them with a bonfire at the beach surrounded by candles and lanterns.
Both loved the idea and love their finished images.
Here are my samples!

Engagement R.

Steph & Les
*professional engagement photographer*

Many many years ago I became close friends with Steph. All through school and into our adult years. I've watched her family grow, helped her make plans, she stood by me through a very rough time and to this day she is my #1 supporter.
I was tickled pink when she asked me to be their wedding photographer then swore she wouldn't have had it any other way. I promised to give her nothing but the best.
Here are a handful of my favorites from their engagement session done at the Waterford ball diamonds then finished up at the Waterford Rail Trail.

Wilks Engagement

Wilks Engagement
*professional engagement photographer*

I was so excited for this session with this awesome couple from Simcoe, On.
I have done a few sessions for them already and am also booked to photograph their wedding in August.
They left the location up to me so I chose as always my beautiful hometown of Waterford.
We went out for a nice long walk in the sunshine getting to know each other and discussing wedding plans.
These are my favorites from the session.

May 2016

Armstrong Spring Engagement
** Oakland, On. Engagement Photographer **

This engagement session was done on my clients  families farm. We used the cherry orchard as our location. I had been watching the weather and the buds on the trees for about two weeks. We gingerly booked a photo soot day but when the date came the buds were still closed on the trees. So we pushed it back another week and it was a great thing because it all worked out perfectly.
These images here are my absolute favorite!

March 2016

Penner Engagement Photo Shoot
*Ontario Engagement Photographer*

I recently hired a second photographer for my team.
Her name is Crystal Sanderson, she covered this engagement session for me as I was wrapped up in other work that day,  Crystal will also be taking on the Penner wedding on her own for me this summer.
Here are some images that stood out the greatest to me.

                                      And here just a few more that I love so much!

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