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January 2018

Fun In The Snow!
(Cambridge Farm, On.)

Grimsby Couples Session

Couples Session
*professional couples photographer*

This session was a last minute booking from a couple coming all the way from Grimsby, On.
As returning clients she was so excited to work with me again and I with her.
I took them to Apps Mill located on Robinson Rd. Brant. I use this location quite often as it is a very large place and there are so many places to use for photography.
We met up and then went for a nice long walk snapping photos along the way.
This was such a great experience with these two, I look forward to working with them more in the future.
My favorites!

Parson Sneak Peek

November 2016
* professional couples photographer*

I'm working on the Parson couple photos from a week ago and thought I would share a sneak peek before the album.
Many more to come on my FB page.

Parsons Couple

October 2016
* professional couples photographer*

I was so pleased to be hired by this cute newlywed couple from Burlington, On.
Our session took place in my hometown, I try to use my hometown as much as possible because of it's sheer beauty, I know of s many different locations it keeps my photography different everytime.
This session I worked at the north end of town on a favorite trail of mine. Combination of sunset, changing leaves and beautiful weather enhanced this sessions photography.

Autumn Couples Session

October 21st, 2015

I was contacted by this gentleman two weeks prior for our session, we booked it and had to rebook twice due to weather. Finally we got the break we were looking for and took total advantage of it.
The photo session took place on the Waterford Rail Trail in Waterford, On. My hometown.
We spent almost two hours making our way from spot to spot and then up on the bridge to watch the sunset.
Beautiful night, beautiful countryside and wonderful company.
These are my favourites!

Couples Horse Session

August 30th, 2015

I have been waiting 3 weeks for this session in anticipation. I was to be working with horses, to be specific two 3 month old foals and a couple in love.
Little did I know when I got there that there would also be 3 other horses, a dog and two donkeys who took to me right away.
Me being the animal lover I am fell in love with the two big  donkey sucks right away and adopted them as my assistants for the rest of the night.
As you can see, amazing models to work with and such a great location and night.

McLeod Couples Mini Session

July 26th, 2015

I was contacted by this couple through a friend of mine who is so wonderful at shooting work my way all the time.
They were interested in my summer mini session and I agreed that it was a great opportunity to use for couples photos. Especially for one with a shy guy like this gentleman lol.
I suggested having the photos done at a nearby park that I knew of but they were completely satisfied with having the photos taken right in their back yard.
As always, the clients preference comes first.
The photos were easy to take because their backyard was absolutely adorable. I even was able to take some photos of their sweet and playful dog.
I look forward to more mini sessions coming up in the next couple of months.

Goulden Sunset Beach Session

July 12th, 2015

I have dabbled here and there with beach sessions, a bit in the water with one couple a couple years back and a few sunset sessions but never all three together.
When I first spoke to this couple, they made it very clear they wanted something different. They were not interested in park photos, not ordinary, I completely agreed as I am one photographer that loves being different.
I arranged for their photos to be taken at a spot I know of in Long Point On. I asked how they felt about going in the water and hey were all for it. So I arranged for the session to be done at sunset half on the beach and half in the water.
Yes, I went in the water too! lol

Here are my favorites from this session :)


                Interested in a specialty session with me? Contact me @                                                 wayitwasphotography@hotmail.ca

Ellis Couple

May 30th, 2014

I had so much fun with this session. I had planned it perfectly! We were able to work with a setting sun and gorgeous sky. We met at Lorne Park in Brantford, On. and may our way along the trail and across the rail bridge.
These are my favourites of the session.

Winter Romance

February 22nd, 2014

Tonight I had the pleasure of photographing two friends of mine in a winter wooded lot.
It was so windy and so cold but these two braved it and put on a smile for me.
 We only spent a half hour and had to call it quits but the photos turned out so very pretty :)

L&B couples session

November 3rd, 2013.

After 2 cancelations due to weather we finally were able to complete our sunset session. The session was done at Apps Mill, a favourite spot of mine. Lots to work with and it is laid out nicely.
These are my favourites!

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