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Boudoir/ Glamour
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Boudoir/ Glamour

February 2018

(in-studio, Waterford, On.)

February 2018

(in-studio, Waterford, On.)
Just a quick peek at a boudoir I just finished up!

February 2018

Recent boudoir Session
(in studio, Waterford, On.)

Lovely Lady!

January 2018

Boudoir Has Begun!
(in studio Waterford,On.)

To book your own boudoir session contact me wayitwasphotography@hotmail.ca

July 2017

Boudoir W.
*professional boudoir photographer*

One of my favorite skin types is freckled skin. It come up so clear and beautiful when photos are done in black and white.
This woman's skin was so amazing to work with , with both camera and post editing.
Check it out!

June 2017

Boudoir L.
*professional boudoir photographer*

This session was included into another clients session, two ladies encouraging each other! Girl power at it's finest. They both were amazing to work with and this particular client was such a natural!
Here are some samples of this session in studio.

June 2017

Boudoir S.
*professional boudoir photographer*

I met with this beautiful lady a little bit ago during a wedding consultation.
She happened to spy my boudoir book and came up withe idea to surprise her fiance on his wedding(as do 85% of the ladies I meet with)
Photography was done in studio at WayItWas Photography in Waterford.

June 2017

Boudoir M.
*professional boudoir photographer*

So this week I was back in the studio shooting another boudoir session.
This time I used a black screen to attempt some very tricky lighting shots.
All turned out well and I got the exact shots I was hoping for.
These are some samples of the work I did with this session.

May 2017

Boudoir S.
*professional Boudoir Photographer*
Always a favourite of mine to shoot for clients...
Here are some of my top choices!

In Studio Boudoir Shoot

Boudoir N.
(professional boudoir photographer)

Recently I photographed a gorgeous young woman in my studio.
She had mentioned that she really enjoyed photography that played with the light so I used my large window to cast shadows and highlights on her body.

Boudoir J.

Sunshine White Boudoir
*professional Boudoir Photographer*

I had the pleasure of working a beautiful lady from Grimsby, On.
First I was so flattered that she would travel so far for one of my sessions.
The photo shoot was done in studio in Waterford, On.
Here is a board of just some of my favorites with her.

Boudoir R.

Boudoir Photography Session
* professional boudoir photographer*

I was lucky enough to meet this awesome lady who was not camera shy at all! She was very easy to work with, she was open to me ideas and we had quite a bit of fun coming up with ideas.
This was one of the first times I have styled a client and I may continue to do it due to the positive results.
I urge you ladies reading this to book a session with me. I do not allow nudity unless asked and all photos are private unless permission is granted.
Here is my photo board of the session done on January 30th, 2017

Boudoir Photography

Sunshine White Boudoir Sessions

I am well underway with Sunshine white boudoir sessions. I wish I could show all of my favorites but only once in awhile I'm allowed to use a couple photos here and there.

The ladies coming in for these fun boudoir/glamour sessions are having so much fun and my studio space is working amazing.
If you or someone you know are interested please feel free to contact me with your questions. I'd love to help you!

Boudoir Session

January 12, 2017
Another boudoir session down! My model was so beautiful to! Very easy to work with and lots of fun!

Here are some samples from this session with her permission of course.

1st Official Boudoir Session in Studio

Boudoir Studio Now for Business

Yesterday marked the day of my very first in studio boudoir session located in my hometown of Waterford, On.
It was such a great feeling using my own space for the first time. In the past I have shot boudoir in clients homes, outdoor, rented studio and a clothing store, so working my way up to this point was amazing.
With my clients permission I am allowed to share this image.

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