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Our new website!
WayItWas Photography is Changing!
Now Hiring!!
May 2018
April 2018


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Our new website!


Our new Website!

WayItWas Photography is Changing!

New Website, new changes...
(Waterford, On.)

I am so pleased to announce that we will be now be offering destination photography packages as well with WIWP's photographer Crystal Sanderson.
Deirdre has been creating a new look with a cool easy to use website www.wiwp.photography 
Check it out!

Over the last year I(Deirdre) have been focusing on what kind of photography I find the most happiness in. I love it all but weddings, engagements, maternity and 1st birthday photos are what stand out the most to me. With this new look and new packaging we will be specializing in those 4 areas of photography as well as creative out of the box sessions, and less on newborn, family and mini sessions.
We will operate on an idea at a time, you need photos and create a special one of a kind session for you.
Some sessions I offer are my bath sessions located in an antique claw foot tub on my property. I can do milk baths, fruit baths, Nutella sessions, spaghetti sessions, bubble baths the list goes on.
Looking for a one of a kind family photo session? Try my paint fight family session! Located in a quiet park in Oakland with a stream to wash up in. Bring as many as you like, all ages. We have photographed 3 and everyone loved it! It really captures your true spirit and nature!

Thanks for taking the time to read on through, I really am excited for these next years to come, photography is changing and it's changing in a great way! No more stiff bored sittings, more smiles, fun and play!

Now Hiring!!

Contract Wedding Photographer
Contract Job
WayItWas Photography is looking to expand its wedding services with a third team mate. Up until this year I have been working as a team with Crystal to provide non traditional wedding photography, but this year I have had to turn away so many weddings due to double booking that I know now it's time to expand again.
What I need is a photographer with at least 3 years experience or 10 weddings under their belt, who shoots weddings in the photo-journalistic style of wedding photography, can work 2-12 hour weddings comfortably and reliably alone, has a full G licence and reliable vehicle, shoots in manual mode comfortably and easily, has professional grade cameras x2, lenses and flashes.
I need an easy going, cheerful spirit with tonnes of enthusiasm and creativity as I am known for my creative wedding photography.
I am asking for resumes, references from past clients x3, a portfolio of your work and a list of your equipment.
I am offering 5-10 weddings per year, no editing, use of 25 chosen images for your portfolio and great pay plus a free meal and who doesn't like a free wedding meal :)
Do you have what it takes to keep up with my growing wedding business? Contact me to set up your interview!
Can't wait!!
Deirdre Mercier
Owner/Professional Photographer

May 2018

New Photography Sets
(Waterford, On.)

In December 2017 I started designing specialty sets for cake smash sessions, kids shoots and newborn photography.
Here are a few shots of my favorite sets.

To book your specialty session contact me at
[email protected] or (519) 209-3536

April 2018

The Reynolds wedding
(Brantford, On.)

This wedding was located at the Best Western Hotel in Brantford, On. On April 27th, 2018.
I have photographed many weddings there before but I have never used the courtyard the hotel offers for photos.
The courtyard was tricky to use as it was surrounded by 4 walls of hotel rooms but there was a standing of pine trees that caught my eye. Using those trees as my backdrop I started taking the family photos then I followed the guests as they mingled taking lots of great candid shots.
The ceremony was indoors in the Alexandra Grahm Bell Room and they had a luncheon after their sweet service.

April 2018

Crystals Candids

In 2015 I hired my second Crystal Sanderson after interviewing her at a local coffee shop. I had been through 5 other interviews already and noone seemed to fit my Criteria and  I didn't get the right vibe off of them.
As soon as Crystal and I started talking about photography we just seemed to click.
Here are a few samples of her work done with me, please feel free to visit her site Pixel Light Studios.

April 2018

2018 Weddings Fully booked
I’ve been enjoying my last couple of quiet weeks working on books to complete weddings before the season starts up again. With 5 bookings in the last 24 hours it seems everyone is feeling spring fever as much as me.
I have a few specialty sessions already lined up for the warmer weather next month and a few studio sessions as well. 23 more weddings to go! I cannot wait to create!
I am booked up for the 2018 wedding season now, I will be referring weddings to my partner
 now booking 2019!
Cheers everyone!

April 2018

Sleepytime Newborn
(in-studio, Waterford, On.)

April 2018

Rockstar Cakesmash
(in-studio, Waterford, On.)

April 2018

Mr. & Mrs. Vanderheyden
(Delhi, On.)

I photographed this couples engagement and now I have finished their wedding too!
So many details went into this beautiful wedding, I had fun capturing each of them neatly alongside my partner Crystal who also captured photos as well.


March 2018

A Recent Publication!

March 2018

1st Formals, Cake Smash & Splash!
(Waterford, On.)

March 2018

Vanderheyden Wedding
(Delhi, On.)

February 2018

(in-studio, Waterford, On.)

February 2018

Winter Maternity
(Waterford, On.)

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