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November 2017
November 2017
November 2017
November 2017
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November 2017

The Wilks Wedding
Location; Simcoe & Delhi, On.
Formal photos taken at Quances Dam, Delhi, On.

October 2017

The Farkas Wedding
Location; Whistling Gardens, Wilsonville
Backstage Capitol Theatre, Delhi, On.

September 2017

McGuire Wedding

August 2017

Haviland Wedding

July 2017

Simpson Wedding

June 2017

Legere First Dance
*professional wedding photographer*

I was asked to come in last minute to cover the wedding reception for Angela and Brandon.
I quickly adapted to the location making quick friends with family, guests and friends.
The first dance photos are my absolute favourite out of all the images I took that night.
Take a look!

May 2017

Legere Wedding Reception
*professional wedding photographer*

I was asked to come in and photograph the dinner and reception for this awesome couple.
While I was there I was able to catch some beautiful shots of their first dance.
This is my favourite shot...

May 2017

Steph & Les's Wedding
*Norfolk County Wedding Photographer*

What can I say about this couple? Steph and I have been close friends for over 22 years and Les is now my adopted brother according to him at the end of their wedding night lol
They have been together for many years, have a family together, have overcome a great loss and they love each other deeply as you can clearly see when they are together.
I'm just going to leave my favorite image from their wedding here and ask for you to stay tuned for more in the coming future as I complete the editing.

Flemming Wedding

May 2017
*Norfolk County Wedding Photographer*

The day of the 7th of May.
I was witness to a beautiful declaration of 50 years of love.
The couple joined hands in front of their immediate family and promised to love each other for another 100 years, the groom breaking down as he looked into his brides eyes and spoke freely of his feelings.
Congratulations you two and here's to another 50 years!

Mc Beaudry Wedding Sneak Peek

October 2016
* professional wedding photographer *

Here is a sneak peek of this awesome wedding I photographed recently.
This was a first time shot for me, a sparkler tunnel made with all 200 of their guests.

The Forget Wedding

October 2016
* professional wedding photographer *

Every once in awhile I am lucky enough to photograph an out of the box, not your usual wedding.
The Forget wedding was exactly that and that made it so much more special.
I'll tell you why it was different from the rest.
The ceremony took place at 139 Carden St. in Guelph Ontario. For those of you who don't know what or where, it is a quaint little corner restaurant directly across from city hall.
It only fit maybe 25 guests bride and groom included but it was so perfect, Relaxed, calm and did I say perfect?

The formal photos were of just the bride and groom so we took a walk around downtown Guelph. We found, city hall of course, used its giant puddle, outer walls, corners, took a walk down to the armoury and used the impressive front entrance.

These are some sneak peaks as I am working on the photos now.

McBeaudry Wedding

October 2016
*St.Catherines Wedding Photographer*

Wedding photo taken at the Morningstar Mill

Kunkel Wedding Sneak Peek!

Mark and Joanne Kunkel
*Wilsonville Wedding Photographer*

Recent wedding taken at Whistling Gardens in Willsonville, On.

Buzsik Wedding

September 2016
*Brantford Wedding Photographer*

A recent wedding I photographed in Brantford, Ontario.

Beckett Wedding

August 2016
*Hamilton Wedding Photographer*

I was really looking forward to this wedding of April & Josh Beckett.
They being country folk like myself decided to host their wedding at Springbank Farm outside Hamilton, unfortunately the weather did not work with our plans of the day.
Just minutes before the bride was to arrive the sky opened up and it poured rain, thunder and lightening.
Thank goodness the barn we were in held the rain out.
We had to wait on and off as the rain came and went.
I reccomend Springbank Farm to anyone wanting an old barn for their wedding. The grounds are landscaped nicely.

Here are my favorites!

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